How far have you ran your strida in one day?

Have any of you guys did like crazy long rides on your strida? So far I’ve easily done 50km charity rides and felt great for more after and my usual stints of 30km doesn’t faze me.

Last weekend I was signed up for a 100km ride with 6 of us and i’m the only folder (on a strida at that!) I was easily keeping up with their mountain bikes and pretty much setting the pace cause i’m soo used to spinning at 70-80rpms for long times, but unfortunately one of our lazy friends didn’t test their bikes before doing such a long ride and we had to help him through several mechanical troubles soo much that by the end we had to call it at 25km for us and cut back to the beginning start/finish line :frowning: . I’m still intending to get that metric century done probably next year then see if it’s doable for an american century.

So now I had all these energy bars I bought all packed up in my handlebar bag and tools and spare stuff in my trunk bag! I’m going to probably tour around the city just to make use of them :slight_smile:.

My strida setup is a strida 5 with the following mods (i’m 155lbs):
-non folding pedals with toe cages
-specialized expedition plus (no soreness at all even after 50km!)
-strida 18 inch wheelset with kojaks pumped up to 120psi (it really rolls well)
-front and rear blinking tailights just in case.

A member of the Hong Kong Strida Club rode his Strida 112.37km in one day. :open_mouth:

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112km? wow good stuff. depends on what he’s using if he has a two speed he can probably go even further in a day with the speed increases. But unfortunately I can’t read chinese much less sign up for an account. google translate does only so much haha.

I rode about 50++ kn in my Strida DS… with the stock saddle. After which, I couldn’t feel my ass.

The first advise they should give a Strida newbie is to throw the stock saddle away.

SDchew yeah first thing IS to throw away the stock saddle! it was never meant for that bike because all your weight is on it from the geometry. Funny thing I actually put the strida saddle on my wifes bike and it was awesome though (dahon jack), probably due to the weight distribution and was better than the dahon saddle it came with.

50km is good though and you have the dual drive which made cruising even better! I did a 60km ride with a friend in a big circle through the city and felt great after. My butt likes the specialized expedition plus saddle. but everyone’s butt is different some go for the brooks which is a bit much for my tastes and the clothes staining turned me off because i wear light colour pants going to work.

Just finished my first 50km ride. :slight_smile:

I got my first metric century done today: 112.44 km in 6:32h.

A new record! :sunglasses:

I finished the american century, too: 172.25 km (about 107 miles) in 9:52 h. Who says the Strida is only for short distances :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing! :open_mouth:

Holy crap! you have to tell us your setup. what strida do you have? 16? 18 inch wheels? duo? what about seats and grips. that would be most important cause I’m wondering how do you feel after and during that ride? give us some details because this is crazy!

It was part of a tour. I am just back home so more details will follow later.

My setup is based on a Strida MAS, upgraded with 18" wheels and the bended steer kit.

The seat is a Brooks Flyer Special, the grips Ergon GR2 (I used gloves, too.)

ooo and a picture of your bike. It looks like from the avatar you where carrying a big carradice bag to hold everything and the kitchen sink. just wondering cause i’d like to try some distance on my bike also. distance = more than 50km, but you just took the cake on that.