How do you place you Strida(s) at home?

Here are some tips of storing your Strida(s) at home:

Hang them inside your closet

Hang them on the wall
Put or hang them on display stands

Put it on a guitar stand

I just lie it in the corner of the room on the rack and wheels

but I really liked using that guitar stand to hold the strida. kind of ingenious cause it doesn’t touch or dirty the floor might have to look into that!

With a simple, foldable, wall-mounted rack, I stove away our two (folded) Stridas close to the ceiling just taking up otherwise unused space.

A photo taken at the Netherlands :sunglasses:

Found at:
(South Korea)

Higher resolution pics are here:

I’d love to get one of those display stands! I’ve been thinking of putting a bolt in the wall of my hall, with an eyelet, and then putting a velcro strap to that to hold the Strida upright so it doesn’t fall on my curious little kids. However, a stand like that for the bottom would also help.

The “thing” below makes it possible to lock the bike to the stand:

Screenshots of their video