how do you clean/maintain your strida?

ok, other than what it says in the guidebook, how do you clean/maintain our strida? what’s your routine?

i’ve had my strida 3.2 for just over a month now, i ride it 5-6 times a week and its been rainy for most of that time so dirt and sand from the streets/rain will splash all over the frame/brakes/wheels/etc.

at the end of a wet day, i just let it stand and dry and depending on how dirty it is, i’ll wipe it down with a paper towel.
i also wipe it down thoroughly with some paper towel at the end of the week as well.

however, being a first time “real” bike owner, i wanted it to be clean all over and i think i wiped the brakes as well…at least, i think those are the brakes discs…they were really blackish/greasyish…should i have done that?

now and then, i’ll notice a creaky/gritty/sandy noise as i fold/unfold from the rear joint so i’ve taken some floss to get the fine dirt/sand there too.

sooooo…what do you do? and am i going overboard?

hmmmmmm this is what i’ve noticed lately.

this is the rear tire/brake. that silver metal disk part of the brake(?) is sort of streaky with dirty…should i just wipe it away? or add oil?

and anyone else starting to get rusty bolts/screws?

NEVER NEVER add oil near a brake .

I get that grey stuff on rear pulley after riding in rain - it just wipes off.

TIP (after a few times tryibg to clean a dry bike) … if you ride in the rain, have an old cloth at home / office and imeadiately wipe down the bike while it is still wet … this is A LOT easier than leaving it to dry and then cleaning it.

I found a few ‘stainless’ screws (yeh right !!) like yours which started to show rust … clean / dry after ride in wet PLUS use wax based oil or cleaner (or even a candle ! ) this stops it.

thank you thank you thank you thank you!

The reason stainless screws rust is because we use steel tools on them. Allen keys, screwdrivers etc, leave trace amounts of stell behind everytime you use them. This steel rusts; that’s why rust is always in the “socket” part of the screw.