How do you carry your stuff?


Since the Strida doesn’t support cliping a bag in the front à la Brompton… how do you carry your office stuff + groceries on the way home?

Backpack + tiny rear rack?


Took it for a spin with the Klickfix Caddy adapter (0,120kg) + Vario rack (0,450kg) + a 2kg bag, for a grand total of 2,570kg*.

Obviously, it does impact the steering but nothing major, especially considering the Strida is meant to be ridden in the city anyway.

More importantly, the adapter is wide enough to prevent folding the bike… which kinda sucks for a folding bike.

I’ll drill through a Brompton luggage block and see if works better.

(right-click > Open image in new tab, to see the whole thing)

  • 5.66588lbs for those of you odd people

I use my Burley Travoy trailer behind my Strida almost daily. Will handle up to 27 kg and when towing one can easily forget that it is there, well maybe a little more noticeable on a hill. The photo is crossing the international border between Canada and the USA with a spare bike!

Thanks for the tip. I might get a Travoy one of those days.

To expand on the thread: Has anyone toured with a Strida — EVO or single speed ?

If it doesn’t look outlandish, I might take it for a two-three day week-end in a relatively flat area. I’d rather not go for a trailer, though, if I can avoid it.

Googling for it, I found this:

Last year Kim from South Korea crossed North America at the widest point to point with a single speed Strida. About 14,000 km and 184 days. Some of the details can be found here, he didn’t take the shortest route!!

I flew to Halifax Nova Scotia Canada in June with my Strida, Travoy and my new custom travel bag, I have several new insights and experiences to blog about but haven’t found the time yet, but I will.

Every time I use the Travoy with my Strida I marvel at how good it feels, the Strida handles exactly the same with the only noticeable difference the added rolling weight. And for me a folding bike and folding trailer just seem right together.

Winfried, I have a Strida customer near you with a Travoy and my hitch if you would like to check it out someday.

cheers, Bill

Thanks for the info about Kim’s trip.

Can you PM infos about that customer with the Travoy? Does the Travoy require the trailer hitch?

Edit: Did Kim ride a single-speed or an EVO?

Either way, it’s one heck of a performance, especially in the winter.

Yes Kim’s trip was with a single speed 5.0 with 16 inch wheels. He replaced a belt and freewheel after 2400 km because the belt jammed and broke because of deep wet snow. The rest of the trip was accomplished on one belt and freewheel. I kept expecting to hear from him for new parts.

You may find another way to attach a Travoy to a Strida, I have one customer who attached a door hinge to a saddle and used that to attach the Travoy hitch to. The hitch that comes with the Travoy is designed to attach to a bikes seat post.

My hitch works well and has been proven by the person who traveled across the Sahara last year with another single speed Strida 5.0.

I will check with the person near you with my hitch and send you a PM.