How bicycles balance: some new ideas

A bicycle built for none: Riderless bike helps researchers learn how balance rolls along

Researchers explain why bicycles balance themselves

The simulations that led to the building of the prototype shown on the videos have been made with the JBike6 software (freeware).

It would be interesting to enter the Strida parameters into that program and see if it is inherently stable or not.

I find the Strida very easy to balance at (very) low speed, but it get so nervous at high speed that I never ride faster than 35…38 km/h (downhill :laughing: ).

Who can drive his Strida hands off? I can’t. :frowning:

found here:

…agree fully :laughing:


Well, on the website of the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), one should find enough info (technical papers, thesis, movies) about bike stability as they are doing a lot of research on that subject. :

Well I even have difficulty to ride with one hand: I really need to be concentrated. :blush:

Driving the Strida with one hand is easy for me. It just needed enough practice.

Hands off is a different topic, I can do this for a second on a smooth road, if the bike rolls without pedaling. But the push from the pedals is to much for the sensitive steering.

I can stand up on the Strida, too. :slight_smile: But this is not really stable and I actually have less power.