Hong Kong Strida Club - http://www.hkstrida.org

Hong Kong Strida Club was established on 13 April 2008. Initially, it was founded by a group of Strida enthusiasts who first met each other in the Internet. Soon after, it has been registering as a society in the Hong Kong Police Licensing Office.

The aim of the community is to gather Strida lovers in Hong Kong, especially those who like riding bike. We act as a platform for them to share their experiences, knowledge, skills and understanding of their bikes. In particular, we organize events such as Sunday Morning Ride (SMR), Do-It-Yourself (DIY) meeting, BBQ gathering, and seminar. In future, we are looking for the possibilities to organize charity events. Suggestions of other activities by members are also welcomed.

The Club does not encourage any form of illegal racing and reserves the right to terminate one’s membership in the case of he or she is found to be involved in such activities.

Our new forum - http://www.hkstrida.org is now opening for you! See ya!

Chairman - Wilson (Wilson)
Vice-Chairman - Kelvin (kchengkl)
Club Secretary - Jeff (grd727)
Recreation Committee - Andy (getter)、Welcome (wc1984)、Marvin (oneseven)

Congratulations !! :smiley:

I hope you continue to make happy memories together :wink:

such could be fun, taking Sunday tours to nice places eating good food
and muck laughter telling jokes :slight_smile:

But maybe also talk about the faked Strda and how to see the difference
so one don’t buy a used one as an extra in a family that are not original.
Wish we had close up pictures of what are different about them.

Here in Sweden we have a Strida that they say is original but it seems
designed by someone named “Mårten Trotsig”. Look like a Strida 5 but
not identical. Made exclusivly for Sweden. Isn’t that a bit odd.

I guess it is due to traffic regulations on what reflexes and such to make it legal? The American SegWay battery driven things is not legal to use here.

A guy that lived as far back in time as 1607 the 17 century Stockholm.
Famous for something, being rich maybe? Have no idea. Made in honor of him then? Heheheh somebody very few know about I guess.

Here is the logo of Hong Kong Strida Club

Designer: Tom Cheung


This Strida club in Hong Kong is awesome! Would really like to join, but need a Strida bike first :stuck_out_tongue:
where can I buy one in HK for a good price?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi peterpark,

I think you can keep an eye on here. :wink:

In order to read posts on the forum, you have to register first. :mrgreen: