Help identifying this Strida model

Hi all,

Could you please help me identify the Strida from the following image

It’s being referenced as ‘Strida 6.0’ on the dealer’s website, but no mention of that model on official Strida web sites. Thanks

Hello zappan,

the pictured Strida is definitely a 5.xx version, as far we know there is no verson 6 announced.

So, the picture seems genuine, but I’m still quite unsure what exactly this dealer is offering; could you please supply the url of the website?


Thanks for the quick reply. The website is here:

The first line above the image is saying ‘Strida 6.0, yellow, red or silver’ then goes the price, then the image. Price recalculated is around 527 EUR if it helps in identification.

(Below is Strida LT, priced at around 665 EUR)

Thanks for the link, I guess that is just a typing error at their site…

Croatia is not listed at the Strida distributors chart, but at first sight the shop is looking OK, I mean…

Would it be possible for you to visit them directly?
A few detail pics of the real bike could be very helpful for certain identifying :smiling_imp:

You might also read before about fake Stridas, please use the forum search, for example keyword “SLO”…for Strida-like-object… :wink:
forum search: slo

…the price seems also to be fair, btw.

I have visited them today, Stridas are genuine (I might try shooting some photos, if I get a chance to).

I’ve tried out one of the bikes - some older one the shop people use (enough just to feel how it rides before I choose which model I’ll go for and try out the particular bike; I’m even considering SX in neighbour Slovenia, as these aren’t imported in Croatia - I’m being drawn to 18" wheels).

It’s just that there are no particular model markings stamped on the bike/frame, just a frame serial number. They say that they got it labeled as so in the papers or whatever, so they have it displayed as 6.0 in the shop. A bit crazy, but bikes are OK.

I’m sure it is possible to find out the version via the serial number.
Of course, we can ask Ming cycle directly :smiley:

But, much more important than the exact version will be that you’re feeling well on it :sunglasses:

Hi zappan,

The thing with Stridas is that the model changes when you change a part like the wheels.

Last year I got a used SX (single speed, 18" wheels) but when I changed the wheels to 16" with spokes my Strida now becomes a 5.xx.

Well, I understand that, still, I was just worried about how old this model might be, as they don’t get sold in high amounts here in Croatia.

BTW, how come you’ve changed from 18" to 16" wheels - I’m just postponing my buying decision because I believe 18" might be better for me, and they get sold in a neighbour Slovenia - what is your experience - why you have chosen to go down to 16"?

Hi zappan,

I have decided to use the 16" over the 18" because of the terrain I usually ride has uphills specially bridges. Changing to 16" wheels will reduce the gear inches thus making it more easy to climb uphills. Though what I traded off is top speed.

Having the 18" was ok because it offers a better top speed than the 16". But if you got strong legs I think uphills will be no problem to you. And that the place you ride your bike is mostly flat.

Also, I preferred the smaller wheels because I take the bike inside trains.

I would suggest you test ride both models and decide which model suits your riding style.

Thanks Chester,

My place is mostly flat, that’s why I am considering 18". On top of that, it’s only an inch wider on each side, so not much of a difference when folded (YMMV with trains, etc.)

I definitely plan to try out both, it’s just that the 18" is not available at the city where I live, so I need to plan a travel to try it out… Thanks for your inputs, it’s been valuable info

Dear Strida fan,

I have to apologize for the accidental deleting of your post :blush:
Could you please post your info about the Croatian dealer again?

I’m really sorry…