Help Buying Strida

Hi Stridars,

I’d like to buy my first strida 2nd hand and found one on local auction sites. Can someone please identify the model by pictures below and if it’s genuine as the seller missed to post the details?

Hello p0pak,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

Well…either a pretty old 5er series Strida - or an (optically well done) fake.

Suspicious are for me the brake rotors (don’t remember to have seen this shape) and the three clamps at the seat molding (original two I think).

Anyway are the brake rotors mounted the wrong way - disregarding their prescribed running direction!

A (relatively) certain sign of a genuine one is the serial number at the underside of the bottom tube, close to the rear hinge - is there a number present?

Many thanks for your reply.

I would try to contact the seller for serial no and in mean time please let me pass you a link to auction where you can find more pictures of greater details.

I am very suspicious there are no sticker or branding anywhere. Tend to believe it’s a replica


Found another Strida for sale, seller is again not sure about the model. Is this a 5.0 before EN frame?

Hi p0pak,

yes, you’re right.
This one is looking much better :smiley:

(Personally I prefer the older frames because they must be a little bit lighter.
I do not think that these frames are “bad” being not EN compliant.
Just for heavy persons at the upper limit I’d recommend the EN frame.)

Hi Blackstridaaustria,

Thanks for your reply but do you think that is 5.0? I consider myself a bit heavy at 185cm/90kg. :slight_smile: Would it hold me?


It is certainly a 5er version, the older ones had the freewheel inside of the front beltwheel - that doesn’t apply to the above shown - so it can’t be a 3 er version.

You are within all the limits - so it will be depend on your force and your riding style if you damage the rear hinge in a short time - or not :laughing:

Edit: Let’s say in different words; if you are a killer rider you will damage each frame - independent of EN compliance.


I would catch up with seller Monday to see if I can get the ride at reasonable price, would try to loose some weight in the meantime :smiley:

Is this 5.0 upgradable to 18 inch tires?

Yes of course it is possible to install 18" wheels on that one :smiley:
(Preferably you should order 18" fenders at the same time.)