Hello from Spain!!!

Hello everybody :smiley: , this is my first post here at Strida Forum, I´m a spanish member of this Strida club, two months ago I bought a Strida 5.0 gloss black and I´m really happy with it, now I´m interested in buying some accesories that spanish strida website does not sell and I found this web: addone.tw, I would like to know if this web ships to Europe or if anyone of you have bought anything in this web. I have sent them several emails but I do not receive any response. :frowning:

Thank you very much for helping me and see you around!!!

Hello SpanishStrida,

welcome to the Stridaforum!

Sadly I don’t know anything about the shipping behaviour of the site you posted.

What I know is that sometimes asian sites do not reply to european requests :confused:

This site is different:
Philip WILL reply, it might take some time…but he does. :smiley:

Could you please tell us what you are searching for?


Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for your help Blackstridaaustria, I have sent a message to the web you told me.