Hello from Riyadh, KSA

Hi! My name is Josef and I’m currently in Riyadh. I just received my Strida LT from abroad and this is my first folding bike. This is now my primary means of transportation to and from work. My bike is currently stock and I have a few basic upgrades on the way.

It’s summer here right now and scorching hot in the day. I can still manage somehow.

I hope to learn more here and participate as well.

Cheers to y’all! :smiley:

Hi Josef,

at Stridaforum!

Wow - KSA - so you’re speaking also Farsi, I’d guess…
As far I’ve noticed you’re the first of that region!

Well, for upgrades you may have some questions - I believe you’re in good hands here;
most of the possible issues were surely already reported.
But thread titles can be misleading, here’s a very good example; it’s matching perfectly to hot weather - as you mentioned:

The post title is minus 20 deg C

Yes, really…and no, I’m not completely nuts…

Inverse this sentence and it’s regarding you:
Belt tension will increase the higher the temperature!
That means in more practical words:
You should check belt tension outside, but not in your (maybe/likely) air-conditioned rooms :wink:

You see; to find the required info can be - naturally - sometimes not that easy.
So please don’t hesitate to ask…

Have a safe ride and kind regards,