Hello forum - new member

Hi all of you, bought recently a used strida just for finding out if it works for me…and it does perfectly. I am 187cm and about 90kg and find it no problem at all to cycle this bike. Looking for a second one now for my wife (165cm/44kg), who is also impressed!
Got good response in my cycling community as well and I am open for offers to make a bulk-buy…lets say ten.
Which dealer is interested?
Living in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Hello jester_parks,

welcome at Stridaforum, I’m glad that you enjoy your Strida :smiley:

For the dealer: May I suggest to ask Patrick of boxbike?
Since a short time he has added the Strida to his shops offering, maybe he’s interested.


As you are supposedly speaking German, please feel free to mail me for any further questions also here:

Kind regards,