Hello everyone. :-)

I was reading a lot of post on this forum quite a while now (since love at first sight strikes me over STRIDA bikes).

Just want to share my experience on how i find this bike and forum. :slight_smile: No, i don’t own an STRIDA bike yet but thinking on buying one, well someday i guess. :slight_smile:

To keep it started, it was one evening when i was on my way home from work that i pass by a bike rider riding an unusual form of bike. I was wondering what is was make of, or what brand it is and if how can i buy one. Then the next morning i hit google for the list bikes with small tyres, then browse on each results until i found out that this bike’s brand was STRIDA.

From that day onwards, i was searching for additional information about STRIDA, like how to buy one, what is the feature of it and blah blah blah until i find this informative forum (Strida forum). :slight_smile:

My eyes are on the EVO but i know that is it a bit costly for the moment and can’t afford one now. :slight_smile:

By the way, I’m from Philippines saying hello to everyone. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your post, with or without Strida;

to the Philippines!

Greets from Vienna,


Hello Guess,

I’m from the Philippines (Manila) as well. Welcome to the forum.

You might want to join the Philippine Strida Club group in Facebook. There are regular rides within the city that you might want to attend and test the different Strida models, Single speed, SD, and the Evo.

Get yours now and experience the joy of being a Strider.

I guess…as a new here, I should say hello to everyone, too!
Hola…I am Victoria, come from Taiwan.
I don’t have strida bike, but there are 4 strida in my house, 3.0@ 3, and one 5.0.
And now…I m trying to study EVO. Jejeee

It’s pretty exciting to join here with all of you!

Buenas noches dear Victoria :smiley:

Very nice to meet you finally here, too, be

Hola guapo …
Buenos días a ti
Yes, you can’t imagine how excited I am when I finally step in this big family…