Hello and new U.S. and* Canadian dealer

I am new to your forum and new to Strida, I received our first shipment last week. I am having a great time learning Strida, love the ride and love showing them to people. We are located in Grand Forks B.C. Canada. http://www.cycleforfun.ca and
cheers Bill Wilby

Hello Bill,

very nice to have a dealer here with us, be welcome!

Best regards,


I have now received my second order of Strida bikes, the response I am receiving from interested new Strida owners has been very good. I am enjoying riding the LT and the SX, sure looking forward to getting a three speed next month, cheers Bill

Awesome! I’m sure the dry Interior conditions are ideal for the Strida. I’ll be curious how your new riders manage in winter. I imagine low temperatures will be more of an issue than snow.

It would also be cool if someone would do the Kettle Valley Railway bike route on a Strida – that would be a good promotion for you. :wink:

Thanks StridaD, you know our area, I am not much of a winter rider but I plan on giving the trail a go. I am a director on the Trial society so it is something I think of often. I have caused a bit of a stir and have seen much interest from people in this area as no one here has seen a Strida before. Bill

Seems that American citizens have found finally a reliable, friendly and highly interested general distributor!


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Thank you Blackstridaaustria, I have just received another order of Stridas, 5 different EVOs and 9 different LTs to choose from plus more parts and accessories. It will take me awhile to add the parts and accessories to the web store but people in need can contact me and I might have it.

regards Bill Wilby http://stridacanada.ca/