Hello and looking for parts

Hello. This is my first post here. I should have realized that since there seem to be fora for everything else, there’d be one for Strida bikes.
I own a Strida 2 (or 2.5?); it was bought some years ago and is serial numbered on the crank casing - # 002083.
The current Strida company does not support this bike. I need advice about how to repair or replace the rear drum brake. It does not stop the bike or, tightened up, It drags on the wheel.
I tried a search for parts for the brake but got nowhere.

Hi Pete,

I’m very new to Stridas (I’ve only done about 10 miles on my mark 3), but as usual the first thing I did was strip the bike down and rebuild.

My mark 3 has a very simple roller-cam style drum brake. I’m guessing yours is the similar. Here’s the list I’d be working down:-

  1. Does the brake work if you put the bike in the air and operate it directly with your finger? If so, check the cable and lever.
  2. Are the wheel bearings ok? See if you can wobble the wheel side to side. Take the wheek off and work the bearing with your finger. Is there any play? Bearing are cheap enough online, especially if you go to a regular bearing supplier instead of a bike shop. I don’t know the number, but you can read it off the seal. If the original bearings end in a “Z” or “ZZ” (metal seal), replace them with the equivalent “2RS” (twin rubber seal) and they’ll last longer next time.
  3. Is the stub axle square in the frame? If it’s bent the wheel will be stiff in places, but loose in others.
  4. Pull the wheel off and check the moving parts of the brake. You can free them up with WD40, but make sure you wipe everything off afterwards.

Hope this helps,