Hello all!

Just joined this forum today so i would like to introduce myself…My name is Carlos from Melbourne, Australia. I owned a red Strida LT (stock standard) however I’m already “wishing” on getting some items on Strida Australia website :slight_smile: Interested to meet other Strida owner out there and to learn more about our bikes.
Lots of interesting topics here so I"ve already got a lot of catching up on reading to do…Cheers!

Hello Carlos,

at Stridaforum!

Best wishes from Austria to Australia :laughing:

If you have any special questions and cannot find the answer please do not hesitate to ask, we’d be happy to guide you to the right post…
I’d say most problems were already solved, but to find the corresponding thread might be difficult.

Thanks for your warm welcome BSA! I’m still trying to absorb all the info here mate but for sure i’ve got a lot of things to learn :wink:

Hi C,

I will go to Ausbike this October, if you are available, please come to visit our booth!
Booth no. 018

hope to see you there. :wink:

hi FB,
That sounds really good. I’ve never been to Ausbike so i will need to find out more details otherwise if you can give me the details here it will be a lot easier for me :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Surely will Victoria be back soon and answer all of your questions, meanwhile you might take a look at the oversight here:


Thanks BSA. You can tell i’m all new to this cycling stuff coz it’s right here in my city and didn’t know about it lol. cheers guys! have a nice day…

Hi Loyskirineba,

I think you are at same city as Ausbike, period: 11st-13rd, October, it’s weekend, so come :wink: or just take a look for this show and enjoy it.

many thanks! BSA :smiley: :smiley: