Head bearing size on mark 3

Hi All,

Does anyone know the number for the lower head bearing? I know that Strida refer to them as 100-03 and 100-04, but what is the actual bearing number?

I ordered a pair of 6802’s, which is the size for the top bearing, but then noticed the bottom one is bigger. I’m now feeling rather dim for not checking before wrecking it whilst getting the old one out!

Can a friendly user help me out by squinting a bit and reading the number from the seal please?

Many thanks in advance,


From my old alf catalogue
The top bearing is a 61802 … Double shield zz
Bottom is a 61803 , also zz

A good bearing supplier should have an upto date catalogue,
So to double check - measure and quote the outside diameter, inside diameter and thickness of the bearing.

Good luck … Please report back how it goes.

Thanks Guest,

Those sizes fitted.

Incidentally, it’s a right pain getting the lower bearing out because the housing is flush with the bearing, so you can’t drift it out. I carefully ground three small notches at the base of the housing so that it will be easier to get out next time.

Tis great to have my Strida back on the road again. Tis also great fun trying to keep up with my wife with her 18 gears…

Thanks again,