hard 'tak' Schlumph speed?

So … now that i replaced that noisy worn out bearing - freewheel, i still have a hard ‘tak’ and i suspect the Schlumph speed. It’s only in ‘low’ gear and as i push the pedal very hard when take of. When i take of ‘normal’, everything is just fine. When i take of real heard, the first turnaround of the pedal i hear that hard ‘tak’ sound. Any suggestions?

But…the low gear is actually the direct drive; that means the planetary gears of the drive do not rotate… :question:

An answer as fast as light! :laughing:

Euh … starting thinking … so it could be that the hard ‘tak’ is not from the Schlumph speed, but from somewhere else?

I do admit, i have to use brutal force to hear that ‘tak’. Just did an 8 km trip, i drove normal, even some hills, and everything was just fine. It’s only when i am using brute force, like doing a wheely … and that is easy and fun with a Strida. I know. Shame on me. :blush:


Saw it accidentally in time :laughing:

Did you read chapter F - 1 of the manual?

Could it be the mentioned “skipping”?

Please don’t wheelie with that bike - honestly!
Hej - I know what you mean - but you will destroy her soon!

So … a few houres later.

I just made a huge mistake! I did some extra MoS2 grease in the schlumph steed, but oh boy … it did not shift anymore! Everytime i wanted to shift, i was kicking air.

So … i removed the shift mechanism and cleaned it out with brake cleaner. Then i put the Schlumph back and greased it up gently, only a few drops of machine oil.

Result: everything PERFECT! I suspect that MoS2 grease is a bit too thick


A plastic cover protects the speed-drive against dust and spray. The cover
exerts only a limited pressure to minimize friction losses, and therefore cannot
retain an oil-bath.
The original lubrication is done with an MoS2-lube, which is a good compromise
between oil and grease lubrication charateristics, and is also an effective
long-term lubrication in case, the rider never does any maintenance.
MoS2-injectors are available as an accessory. They provide enough lubrication
for at least 3’000-4’000 miles.
For riding in very low temperatures, oil lubrication gives better results than
grease. Insert a few drops 1-2 times a year or after 2’000-3’000 miles. Too
much oil can cause leakage.
If the speed-drive starts running noisily in low gear (when there is no load
on the planets) after extended use, this is probably due to a lack of oil on the
planet bearings. Insert some lube at the slot screw on the right side.
Very important: Move the crank until you can see another hole at the
rotating disk behind the outer hole. Only if the lubricant passes both holes, it
reaches the gears.
Grease and oil each have their benefits. MoS2 grease damps noise much more
effectively than oil. Oil causes less friction losses, especially at low temperatures.
Never use a different grease than the original MoS2 grease. Quantity: 1-2 ml.

That’s what I love to read! :smiley:

A side note:
The Schlumph drive is rather complicated.

Although it is a very robust mechanism.

But … if the Schlumph should fail, i’m thinking of sending to unit to Schlumph itself. Anyone have experience with this or done this before?

I guess my local bike shop has not the right tools, replacement parts and knowledge …

This internet site ( schlumpf.ch/hp/schlumpf/faq. … e.engl.htm ) says:

Should you need to send back a unit to the maker, please send it without left crankarm and without pedals. In this case, the shipment will be less than 2kg and can be sent as “small parcel” just with a small customs declaration (green customs slip) to avoid expenses for customs clearance.


Not sure if that is up-to-date…

Mr. Schlumpf moved the production to Germany several years ago.
This is the official new manufacturer:

Also, there are no issues with custom’s duty to expect inside of the eu.

Just been torturing the search button and found out like you say that Schlumph is in Germany now. Hmmm … would like to know how much a ‘overhaul’ would cost for our 2-shifters … :confused:

I’ll torture my bike dealer to figure that out for us… :smiling_imp:

Mike survived - I’ve started today myself a nice conversation with a friendly Lady of the Haberstock company :smiley:
Most important: ATS drives can neither be repaired nor serviced in Germany!
The reason is simple: ATS drives are in fact previous, previous versions of the actual Schlumpf drive.
Spare parts do not match and can’t be exchanged.
The good news: Contrary to my speculation was the ATS company in Taiwan not closed - according to Haberstock support they will be back soon.