Handlebar release button DIY

required tools: turning lathe, 3(2) cutting chisels, drills

.do NOT make this part longer than 14,6 mm, otherwise you will not be able to fit it in the steering tube
.the 15 degree angle of the three bevels is given by using a cutting chisel with 30 degree ( Spitzmeißel)
.it might be useful to round the edge of the bevel which is nearest to the tube (nearest cutting chisel in the drawing)

…austrian homemade…

bigger+bonus here:
s769.photobucket.com/albums/xx33 … ria/hbrb2/

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Improved 2012 version, made of aluminium Ø 12 mm Torradur AlCu4PbMgMn,

black anodized by Ing. Alfred Prägler Vienna

How to make this buttons:

  1. lathe front face, using middle/high spindle speed

  2. set length scale to zero

  3. set length to about 17 mm

  4. lathe diameter (high depth of cut can be used)…

  5. …to about 10 mm

  6. measure, set diameter scale to zero

  7. lathe to diameter 8,0 mm

  8. last cut at low depth of cut…

  9. …and slow feed motion to achieve fine surface

  10. lathe diameter 6,5 mm, length 13,4 mm

  11. lathe diameter 5,5 mm, length about 3 mm

  12. change chisel position to achieve 15° cones/bevels,
    set both scales to zero while touching the front edge, lathe the first bevel to 4,0 mm diameter

  13. lathe the second bevel to 4,0 mm diameter, length 1,8 mm

  14. lathe the third bevel to 4,0 mm diameter, length 5,8 mm

  15. cut out rest material…

  16. …between length 1,8 und 5,8 mm carefully…

  17. …to diameter 4,0 mm

  18. exchange chisel, set spindle speed to low/middle, finish the front face

  19. round the edge of the third bevel carefully using a smooth file

  20. some polishing at high spindle speed

  21. slow spindle speed cut off, length 14,7 mm plus chisel broadness

  22. change chisel, finish back face of 8,0 mm collar at high spindle speed

  23. break the edge, using sand paper

  24. pre-drill the 2.0 mm spring hole with centering drill

  25. drill 2,0 mm hole to 6,5 mm depth

Finished button pair…

…and machine, EMCO compact 5.

Last but not least the titanium version, made in Germany by request…

…and the weights.

Making of slideshow

pics 1024 x 768

thanks for the idea, i copied it (sorry, without your permission) and it’s very good, the folding / unfolding is become much easier than before.

Many thanks for the feedback, I’m indeed happy that you enjoy the buttons! :smiley:
You need not to be sorry, if I would want to be asked for permission or something like that,
I would not have published the drawing. :wink:

Btw, if somebody is not able to create such buttons by himself - pm me.

I use a normal alumunium rod (found somewhere scattering in workshop), it is little bit soft so dent is unavoidable, next time I will make from harder material, like stainless steel or bronze to make it better.
And the 30 degree angle is crucial, i didn’t use that, so the button must pressed exactly from center, if not, it will stuck inside.

Naturally, due to the (relatively soft) aluminium will these buttons wear out sooner or later.
But I think it’s better the buttons wear out than the holes in the steering tube.
That might happen if you use harder material.

I mean more important than the 15° angle is to round the third edge of the buttons, a lightly bevel could also be made by using the file.