Handcuffs as locking device

Hi all,

As I was looking after a lock for my Strida, I hesitated between a ABUS Bordo foldable lock (abus-bordo.com/index_en.html)

and the MasterLock Street Cuffs (masterlock.com/product_detai … ocks/8200D)

I chose the MasterLock one, because it had the same ‘security rating’ as the Bordo, but with a lower weight (1200 g instead of 1700 g) and at a lower price.

As the cuffs can rotate independently from each other, it also provides a little bit more flexibility when you have to attach your bike, also because the distance between the bike and the fixed attachment point is bigger than with the Bordo.

After having searched for some time, I finally found a seat bag that was big enough to accomodate the cuffs on the Strida.

The only issue with this lock is that sometimes the post diameter is too big for the cuffs (75 mm maximum). Some months ago, I was in Munich (a bike friendly city!) and it appeared difficult to find a post that was small enough to attach my bike: a dustbin post was the solution.

One year after my purchase, I am still satisfied with this lock.

If I bring this “handcuffs” lock outside in Hong Kong, I might be arrested and then charged with possession of offensive weapon for whatever I use it. :frowning:

Too bad! But isn’t it the case for any lock then?
Even with a U-lock you would be able to physically restrict a person :confused:

Thanks Bietrume, interesting lock.

However, I would not leave her alone (longer than a few minutes)

Funny thing, how can handcuffs be an offensive weapon?

But I know what you meant Amuro, it’s sad that unworldly politician is regulatory for normal humans.
So, it looks that HongKong is not only biker-unfriendly, but also unfriendly to defending townspeople with moral courage :frowning:

From that sight is Austria a paradise: There would be absolutely no problem to lock a Strida anywhere in Vienna - with real handcuffs!

ups, wrong picture…

We have the least stringent knife (and weapon) law of whole Europe I mean, even push-dagger, butterfly knives, automatic knives (out of the front or sideways is equal), throwing knives, swords and several other nice things are fully legal (if you’re over 18 years old). :astonished:

What do you think about this lock:

found here: http://www.likecool.com/Bike_Lock_in_a_Bottle–Bike–Gear.html

I guess this one has a different “security rating” due to the use of the steel rope?

Wow! It’s cool! :sunglasses:
Can it be used as a real water bottle? :mrgreen:

Indeed, a steel cable is not strong at all, with a good saw you open it in less than a minute. You better choose a chain.

Yes! its really a good idea to use handcuffs as a locking device.
Is it legal to carry a handcuffs in the trail.?
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Hello Shamtom_spike,

to Stridaforum!

This will depend on your country’s law.
You might ask your local authority, maybe the police department.

And the Master Lock ones are not really hand cuffs: I can pull my hands out of them (inside diameter = 75 mm).

But if you want to attach someone by his feet :laughing:

This is a great solution! Could you tell me which bag you got to keep your cuffs in?


I have a Bordo lock and I think it is pretty solid. My bike is the “Manhattan Special” but I am still a little spooked to leave it alone in a city of stolen bikes. That put, I carry my lock in my backpack and rarely have to lock it.

It was not a bag from a known brand. I brought my handcuffs to the bike dealer and had a try to check whether they would fit in their bags or not. You need indeed quite a big bag. If I remember well, the handcuffs dimensions are 18 x 11 x 5 cm.
Note that the straps of a standard (non Strida) saddle bag are too short too attach it to the seat tube: you might have to make them longer.