Grips for bend stear kit

If someone is looking for grips with bar ends for the bend steer kit. I can now confirm that the Ergon GR2 (size S) fit. :sunglasses:

Awsome - make the bent steerers look less goofy too :smiley:

…or black ones? :sunglasses:

…less goofy… :laughing: :smiley: :laughing:


How did you fix the “brake-straps” (or whatever they’re called)?

Hej Totte,

The washer prevents slipping of the knots through the drilled hole in the plastic plug.
The alignment of the knots allows length adjusting of the “brake straps” reflecting cord.
Further explanation needed ? :wink:

B. r.

Very clever :smiley:

Thank you!

Tom yer missing a coffee cup holding on your dashboard to make it complete. :slight_smile:

I thought about it but I would get a problem with my legs. :wink:

But it is not that much.

  1. front light
  2. battery pack for front light
  3. holder for navigation/tracking
  4. bell

Hello Tom__,

will you please tell us which device you are using for navigation/tracking ?

W. r.

My cell phone - a X10 mini pro - inside a Navigon 3.5 inch outdoor bag. I added some additional padding around the phone.

I use Runkeeper and Google MyTrack for tracking at the moment.


Thank you very much,Tom! :smiley:

GREAT! Looks futuristic :open_mouth: