Greetings all.

welcome to the fold … triangles rule . AK :smiley:

Human Amp, llamafruit could be spam and not a Strida fan.
I guess the other Mods knows better than me.

But it is a typical message from spam bots.

Who is sweeping this place? Spam is showing up too much and too regularly. Clean it out daily.


I do it daily, I do it when I wake up. and then after dinner
and in afternoon and before going to bed. So at least three to
four times a day. Very often I do it with just some hours apart.

But I agree with you, too much spam that is why I volunteered
to do the sweeping.

I’m not alone doing it but we only see what we ourself has done
and not what the others have done.

But we live in different time zones which is a good thing cause
when one are asleep hopefully the others are near a computer.

Edit. I started sweeping the forum from spam at 10AM Saturday
and have done it for the twelvth time the latst 13 hours.
I woke up late this Saturday.

But now I need to call the day. Time to stop looking for spam
so I dearly hope some other Moderator does it from now on.
I will be here next time in some 9 hours.

Now it is Sunday morning 07AM local time todays sweeping
of spam began. 08AM four new spam in one hour.
three more between 8AM and 10AM
three new spam between 10AM and 10.30
three more at 12AM? three more at 01.PM

one more in 30 minutes. I take a time out now. :slight_smile:
So I guess they will be at it unless some other Mod
sweep the server floor while me is gone fishing…

Weakling … you are great community player … thankyou

Your too gracious towards me. But I do hate spam.
I had not volunteered to sweep the floor if I didn’t felt
so bad about seeing Garry’s forum flooded with spam.

The other Mods do their best too and it is simply too
much coming our way. 6 new ones while me had a
needed time out. I’m back sweeping at 05.15PM local time.
at 06PM swept two more. Ahh happy to announce that the
last 5 hours no spam. They do it when I go to sleep at noon then. :slight_smile:

It is 10.58PM now I 'm tired of sweeping the spammed floor.

Thank you for your vigorous efforts, Weakling. Aren’t spam-bot killer/filter products available for this kind of problem? I frequent several other forums that don’t seem to suffer from spam. I left long ago because the spam was so thick there.

I guess Garry have implemented every such filter he have found available?
That is how I remember his views on spam.

It is a compromise between the purpose he has for the forum.
How easy it is for a passer by to just post without joining.

I did very many posts without joining. I have not counted but
very many indeed. :slight_smile:

So Garry has a point there. Some are not feeling for joining
but want to ask or contribute views or make comments and
that could be worth the annoyance of spam maybe. He feels
it is.

foldingforum dot com use another software and seems less vulnerable?

Most likely me will not do any more sweeping this night.

back in ten hours Monday morning local time. :slight_smile:

thanks for nice thoughts and words.

Monday morning and took out ten spam that arrived during my sleep.
7:52AM here local time. I guess me go back to bed. :slight_smile:
8:25 took out two more spam.
11.51 only one spam. They are at sleep the spam bots? :slight_smile:

Only one spam at 15.42.

two more to 18.50

deleted one spam 21.25

Thanks again to all the moderators for the wonderful work they do on removing spam. I’d just like to clarify the setup of the board (without giving away information that would help the spammers!)

I did extensive research and installed the best spam blocking mods available for phpBB2.

The standard signup system has been altered with a mod that has been totally successful at blocking spambots.

Another mod stops over 99% of guest posts by spambots. Sorry, I don’t want to block guest posts totally because that would put off a lot of genuine users from contributing.

What none of you see is the roughly 1000 attempted spam submissioms and registrations every day (and still increasing)!!!

Recently, phpBB3 has been released and is supposedly safe from the spambots (but for how long?) I’m not going to convert this board until that is proven though. uses the new phpBB, and so far has no spams although it’s quite new. Let’s see how things go over the next few months.

I think you can never totally eliminate spam without inconveniencing the genuine users too much. Hopefully I’ve got the balance right here, but I welcome any further comments on this topic.