Good wheel reflectors?

I’m interested in reflectors that fit the 18" wheels.

What do you recommend?

3M Sekuclip perhaps?

Hi Totte,

my suggestion is to change your Kojak’s to

Schwalbe Marathon Plus 18x1,35 ETRTO 35-355 … =33&info=1

or Innova IA 2241 18x1,35 ETRTO 35-355
(sorry, found no picture)

Both tyres provide reflex stripes, so there is no need for additional reflectors!
Profile and anti-puncture function will increase your safety in the cold weather period.

Best regards

I actually have Marathon Plus mounted, but figured I needed even more reflectives.

:blush: , sorry, was sure you are wearing Kojak’s…

I spent a lot of time searching “spoke reflector”, but found nothing useful, the 3M Clips excluded.
But they are not really cheap (thought of cutting them in 2 ?), and meanwhile my primary problem (law: in Austria tyre- or spoke reflectors are a must) fixed itself by the Marathons.

I mean there is no market, no need to produce a stylish spoke reflector which fits on Strida…
A good solution would be to merge the side reflectors with the ventile cap, does anybody know such a thing?

Riding a black Strida at night might not be the best idea, so I am also searching for reflective materials of any kind. At the moment I’m thinking about a “night-suit” sewn of material like this:

“Webbing with reflecting-stripe, 8mm
Durable webbing with a 2 mm wide reflecting stripe which is visible from one side.”

“High-Vis polyester braid with reflex, 25 mm
Thin braid with one 2 mm wide reflecting stripes two yellow high-vis strypes.”

“Cord, reflecting, 3mm
Polyester-Cord with reflecting filament. Soft, flexible and slightly stretchy.”

For use as loop in the bar-ends this cord is definitely too stretchy, but it is hollow!
“Filling” with 1mm PES-Cord w. Dyneema-inlay (from kiting) is perfect for this purpose. :wink:

Practically no weight, waterproof, simply attachable to frame, saddle, handle-bar, (spokes?) with hook-and-loop band.

Pictured below the first try, bands are held by pins.

Maybe another DIY solution in sight?

Maybe it is a good idea to replace the reflectors with spoke lights. :mrgreen: … re/114510/

…both using non rechargeable batteries, instead of generating energy by motion… :cry:

Got reflectors with a single spoke hold.