Going To Buy A Strida

Good day Striders (Strida Riders)

I initially thought of getting the SX model but the local distributor (Philippines) said that replacement 18" tires are hard to get so I’m deciding to get the LT model with 16" tires. The SD is too expensive for me and my commute would only be 3 Km round trip so a single speed would suffice.

Here are some of my questions :

  1. Is the kickstand a standard feature or an accessory available by separate purchase?
  2. Does the LT and SX have the same frame but is just that their tires are different? So if I put on 18" tires on the LT that would become an SX? I understand that you cannot use mudguards if you get the 18" tires.

Part of the fun aside from riding is customizing / upgrading so I was looking to get the alloy chain wheel, alloy pedals, travel bag and the optional upgrades would be the rack with bungee cord, quick release seat.

Thank you for this forum.

Hello Chester_Tan,

thanks and welcome to our Stridaforum!

Both, depending on the type (or “edition”) of the Strida you’ve purchased.

Correct (if you replace “tires” by “wheels”).

Correct (as above).

Not correct.
There are two sizes of mudguards (and spatlaps) on the market, one fits for 16" wheels and the other size for 18" wheels.

Further questions welcome… :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply and correction BSA. Wheels instead of tires.

I still have 3 weeks to save up to get the LT. In which I have to ask the distributor if the kickstand is standard. If not I’ll save some more.

If I’d put up a business I’d put up a shop wherein a customer can build his/her own Strida choose the colors, material for the seat, grips, type of wheels / tires. single speed or speed drive. And all this done in a computer. Parts printout is listed and 2-3 days waiting time depending on the assemblers workload.

Ok time to wake up. I have to get me a Strida first.

Beg your pardon if my previous post sound primly or rude to you. :blush:
(It was meant for preventing of misunderstandings for absolute beginners.)

That would be really great and highly appreciated for Striders!
For the Asian room such system might work, but I’m in doubt that it would do in Europe:
I guess that the European dealers do not order their bikes often from Ming/Taiwan, maybe in time intervals of several or even many months.
So, a customer would have to wait a long time for her/his Strida…

Ming cycle does not recognize “seizing”, maybe they also do not recognize “computing”? :smiling_imp:

Sorry, that was my dark side - hush now!

Btw, would it be a problem for you to order parts from HongKong?

G.U.M. (Green Urban Mobility)

G.U.M. Strida 2011 catalogue


It’s ok BSA. No need for apologies. It was my mistake. :slight_smile:

I don’t have much experience ordering or sourcing materials abroad but with either Taiwan or Hong Kong being “within reach” I think it’s possible to order the parts from them or go to the shops myself.

I got the idea from Nike Air Force One where there’s a shop in New York where you can have your shoes custom built. Bespoke is the term used. Another inspiration I got is from watching Orange County Choppers. Where one can have a themed bike. custom paint job and even the wheels are custom made.

Finally got my Strida SD. Galaxy color. Upgraded the seats to QRS.

Have fun and a safe ride! :sunglasses:

Galaxy color?

Galaxy is almost like the brushed silver color. Side by side you cannot almost tell each other apart only that the galaxy color is a slightly darker than brushed silver. It’s like Titanium colored and that’s what the dealer said the color was.

I also upgraded the seat to QRS. The next upgrade step is the 18" wheel set which will come to our local distributor next year.