Genuine_S Carbon Rim Strida

Dear Strida-fans,

with friendly permission of Genuine_S,
you will find below a report about an outstanding, unique Strida modification, made in Japan…

First, there were…

Higher resolution and complete comments are here:

Congratulations and many thanks!


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Wow indeed!

Your new hub has less spokes i think.

but the wheelset makes the entire strida look like some sexy bike. It must glide really nice with the kojaks and the caron rims. how much does the entire rig weigh?? 16lbs!?

That’s looking great.

@Blackstridaaustria, thank you for summarizing and posting photos here!

@those who commented, thank you for your comment, much appreciated :smiley:

Your new hub has less spokes i think.
I guess I am too late to respond, but yes, as HED rim has 32H, hub has 32H as well while original has 36H. Unfortunately, I forgot to measure the HED rim itself. However, I found out that the entire wheel weight is almost same as, slightly lighter than original 18inch. Still I like it though.

Genuine_S: On the Flickr page you mentioned that you were looking for ways to shave off more weight. I can see a few options:

  • Replace your folding pedals with QR pedals, such as Wellgo QRD
  • Replace your Paul brake levers with KCNC or Extralite levers
  • Replace your QR seat molding with the regular (non-QR) version
  • Titanium bolts!

Oh, you may also remove the two “easy-shift” kick plates on the Speed Drive crank arms. They are supposed to make shifting easier but some people found them unnecessary:

Thank you for your suggestion.
Initially, I am going to work on “unspring weight” since it is 3 times more important than “suspended weight”. With this Maxxis tube, 40 - 45g unspring weight can be saved against Schwalbe SV-4.

Then I would probably go for Titanium bolts as next option as there is almost no compromise except cost :wink: . Then I will see how far I went.


Please weigh your bike and tell us how many kg’s is this. it’s going to soon float away :slight_smile:

It was around 10.41kg in June. Now it’s 9.18kg.

Little more details can be found in flickr.


It’s great that you could save ~ 12 percent of the bike’s weight.
I think that’s really much for a bike like the Strida.
270 gram weight save by using titanium bolts is more than I would expect.


Can I ask about saddle you have on your last picture? - I’m looking for very slim and light (and preety) saddle that will fit my Strida.

Hi Grześ,

Genuine_S was logged in the last time in 2016 and I’m not so sure whether he’s still watching…

…so please let me try to reply for him:

It seems that this is an older version of a San Marco Aspide Carbon FX;
the newer version does look a little bit different:



thank you for those tips Chris <3