gear inch range of the 5 speed strinda?

Just want to know something and hope to get help from you.Does anyone know the gear inch range of the 5 speed strinda?

I don’t think that there ARE any five speed Strida Bikes

There was a 5 speed strida :smiley:
A japanese Strida rider / bicycle mechanic found some old stock Miyata crank mounted 5 speed gears and mounted one onto a Strida.

Here is the video …
Unfortunately the gear was discontinued by Miyata … pity and a perfect gear for strida 3 more than Schlumpf.

Personally having tried various 2 and 3 speeds, I think single speed suits the simplicity of strida - just pedal and go. Its so light and the gear is reasonably low that up hills are no problem, it only downhill where a higher gear helps, a bit.