Fwd: Mark Sanders lectures at Temasek Design Sch., Singapore


Mark Sanders to lecture at Temasek Design School

A rare opportunity to meet the famous bike designer, Mark Sanders has come!

Here’s your chance!

As part of 2nd our anniversary celebrations, Diginexx is proud and very happy to host the visit of our friend and colleague, Mark Sanders, the Daddy of Strida and the co-inventor of the award-winning IF Mode and the man behind the new patented folding technology known as Integrated Folding on the IF Reach, IF Cross and IF Mode.

Mark Sanders will deliver a public lecture at Temasek Polytechnic - here are the lecture and location details: ADMISSION IS FREE!

Title: “In Search of Elegance in Design and Engineering: Folding Bikes, Product Design, Invention - (and other design stories)”

Friday 28 November

2.30 pm, Ground Level, Block 28

Lecture Theatre 25, Temasek Polytechnic

21 Tampines Ave 1, Singapore 529757

For TP location map: tp.edu.sg/home/maps/campusmap.htm.

Come to see the beautiful IF Mode at the lecture for the first time in Singapore and possibly the first time to be publicly shown after the Eurobike Bike Show where IF Mode won a Eurobike Design Award! Only 100 IF Modes are being made for the world market this year!