Front wheel play or movement

I just bought my Strida SX and use this for almost 2 weeks.

I noticed that there is a small amount of “play” or movement at the front wheel when I try to pull it sideways…Although it is minimal and almost negligible, in fact its not noticeable when rolling, I would like to know if this is normal or within acceptable tolerance for Strida.

I check my standard mountain bike and didn’t feel any sideway movement or play.

I need your advice before I send this back to the seller.

Hello carllracsr,

it’s just possible to bend the 18" wheel sideways with a lot of hand force for 1 or maybe 2 mm.
But that will be similar to full size 26" wheels, they can also be bent (a bit) depending on hands force.

If there is really a range in which the wheel can be moved (with less force) from point A to B - I’d say there is something odd.

Could you verify if the movement is a product of wheel weakness itself (loose spokes) or from the hub (connection bearings to axle)?

Hi Blackstrida,

Its not from the wheel or spokes, but the movement feels like coming from the bearing.
Although its minimal, as in 0.5mm -1 mm., is it within tolerable allowance?Like I mentioned in my previous post, when I checked my mountain bike , for the sake of comparison, my mountain bike does not have that play at the bearing.

I’d say such a big bearing play is not common, but that’s so hard to judge without the bike in hands…

Is there no chance to compare your SX to another one locally?

Thanks for your feedback.I will try to drop by Authorized Dealer here in Singapore one of these days to compare the new ones considering my bike is less than a month.I didn’t go to this detail of checking the wheel out of excitement and only noticed the other day after riding for 26kms on a mixed asphalted and concrete road park connectors which are a bit bumpy and some uphills and downhills.
Iam just hoping that this is normal to Stridas and wont pose any serious risk of dismantling while cycling.

Such a play appears abnormal to me.

A too important play may affect the efficiency of the front brake: the brake pads would indeed be pushed further away from the disc than it is normally the case and cause an increase of the brake lever stroke.

I would start checking whether screw 375 (the one keeping the front wheel in place) is properly tightened.