Front chainwheel wearing ans noisy

After 5500+ kms of riding and 2 1/2 years of it my front chainwheel is finally showing wear on the teeth. But the metal freewheel in the back shows no signs of wear only the front plastic one and right now its making some noise when its grinding against the worn teeth. I am wondering would it be ok to rub bees wax on the inside of the belt and freewheel to dry lubricate it or is the only way is to replace the freewheel? Not sure if they sell the plastic one because the metal one is pricey and the schlumpf i might as well buy another bike! This is my daily commuter so it gets alot of use day in and day out.

Hello Edd,

may I ask where you are located?
Did you ask your local dealer?

Best regards

Oh I’m in Toronto Canada, I know there is a local dealer here, I was mainly wondering if I can get away with not changing the chainwheel mostly else I will end up calling him to order the part.

THanks though.

Please let us know what you find out!

I realized I never answered this question. Over the summer of 2011 I was able to order a new front plastic chainring from and got a new belt also as a spare. He had other parts too so I also ordered the ball joint cup as a spare also.

I am still using the old belt because there is no wear on it at all! The front chainring has wear on the teeth and the rear metal freewheel is still perfect. It seems like the belt is a much harder material than the plastic chainring. Overall I’m pretty happy with the fix and it lasted over 5,500 km’s before the chainwheel got worn while the belt is still in a perfect condition. I don’t think a regular bike chain would have lasted this long, my current belt is on 6,000km’s right now and spring is coming soon for my daily commute again. All I changed was the front chainwheel and the rear metal sprocket came with the 18" wheelset (got those on at the 2000km mark 2nd year).