After reading for a longer time as a guest, I did my registration on this forum because I’ve a question :blush: .
I own a Strida 3 and when I move my pedals to the front or to the back, nothing happens. If it’s was a “normal” bike, I’ll search the problem at the rearwheel. But where should be the problem at a Strida. Is this at the freewheel/cranck? Is there somebody who can tell me which parts I need?

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Hello kylimo,

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On a Strida 3 is the freewheel mechanism, contrary to many other bikes, notin the rear pulley but in the front belt wheel.
I’d suppose that your freewheel ratchet is dead (for some kind of reason), the mechanism is in fact a a standard rear pulley with 18 teeth.
This standard pulley is clamped between the halves of the front belt wheel and - as you can see below - secured with six bolts.

Are you familiar with the Strida 3 parts drawings?

Thanks for the answer, and yes, I am familiar with the drawings. At the ens of the day, In the Netherlands :wink: , I’ll take a look at the freewheel.

Very good, so we may refer to the parts numbers to avoid misunderstandings :smiley:

Unfortunately it’s not that easy to unmount this freewheel, you’ll need a very special tool…
Check here

Actually is the belt wheel just one part, there are no halves (mixed that up with the bottom bracket, sorry).
The freewheel (117-02) is held in the beltwheel (125) by the ring p. nr. 114.