Frame tubes diameter?

Is anybody can measure front fork aluminium tube diameter? I want to try to install there engine with friction drive shaft. My Strida still somewhere in delivery…

Hello Hammer,

front (steering) tube diameter is ~ 32 mm.

Guess you mean something like this:
(Rear wheel drive instead of front.)

Electric Strida SX

Good luck!

Thank you for information!

No! One of my DIY bicycle engines was created for front wheel, and I want to do the same, but with friction drive instead of gearbox:

I’m just trying to understand, how will the engine mount look and where to find joint points on frame.

Oh, that’s looking very nice, well done! :open_mouth:
(And respect, of course…)

So you want to use a gasoline motor - may I ask how many horsepowers do machines like this have?

Two stroke 26cc engines have approx 1h.p. (I want to use 26cc for Strida)
Two stroke 33cc ~ 1,5 h.p.
Two stroke 42cc ~ 2 h.p.
Four stroke Honda GX35 - 1,6 h.p. but with good torque power.

All thease motors run up to 8000 rpm.

Thank you, these seem to be engines for lawn trimmer or similar,
indeed an interesting idea (however not really suitable for Viennese roads - attempts might end in jail :laughing: ).

Hmm, you’re sure the single sided wheel mounting will withstand the engine power?

I’d think about an additional bar on the right side of the front wheel (and maybe a reinforced axle, too).

I don’t know! But I want to try))) Anyway it will be fun, I hope…

Usually bicycle crash not in cause of engine power, but because they run up to 50km/h, and driver don’t choose flat road. Vibrations and so on…