Frame Protectors

Only available in Taiwan at the moment. :frowning:

3 colours are available: red, grey and orange.

Thanks Amuro – will be available in UK sometime 2009 then :smiley:

Mark Sanders gave a kind of tip on protection. Several owners had been too careless with the folding so that the two upper parts had break lose in the joint. He described how one could use a “belt” and a wood pin? or a wrench maybe as a tool to let the steering get into its place again.

I wish me remember if it was the PDF file or a blog text on his blog? Or was it on the Strida co uk site? I’m too lazy to search for it just now.

Is this the PDF file which you’re talking about?

So Amuro, when will you be offering these bands on ebay?

Amuro that is most likely yes. Thanks. Could be a very good tip if someone are out on the roads on a Sunday with no “service” to reach anywhere.

More up to date tips … with good pictures of strida posture (for city riding)
on Strida Uk service site…

These bands are only available in Taiwan at the moment. Maybe the distributor of Strida in Hong Kong will have some in stock in the near futher.
I haven’t sold anything on ebay or any other auction site before. Actually, I’m not so intested in doing that. :unamused:

Black Frame Protectors
Black Frame Protectors.jpg
They perfectly match with Strida Mk 1!

These are also available in Europe now. I ordered these protectors in October from Strida Netherlands. No problem.

In the U.S. Areaware has begun to offer several Strida accessories, however, no frame protectors. I got my grey ones several months ago shipped from G.U.M. in Hong Kong. They might have black now as well.

if anyone in the us or canada is interested in purchasing frame protectors as shown in this thread, email me at

i don’t want to turn this forum into a marketplace but i just thought if anyone in north america is looking, i can help.

I just tried to order these from one of the UK distributors. They said they are chasing an order from Strida NL. They are going to let me know what the situation is and I’ll let you know. Apparently they are available in red or grey.

i’ve gotten a few emails so far, and i should have clarified that i accept paypal and that shipping should take about a week. the frame protectors are the exact same as shown in this thread.

Dear all,

Anyone know where to get the grey protectors from in UK? I have contacted both velorution & Deens garage and both are not too helpful.


Strida Newbie

Hi Strida Newbie,

I think you have to order them from Strida Europe in the Netherlands directly. :unamused:

In case they do not have frame protectors available, I think you can order them from Hong Kong. :mrgreen:

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I found deens garage very helpfull when getting a part for mine.knowing that strida can be a proper pain to deal with you can’t really blame the bike shop for that

Hi there, does anyone know where I can purchase the Orange frame protectors? I’m in the US, California.