Folding Helmet

I have seen that Dahon has a folding helmet I contacted Dahon USA and was advised they are not for sale in North America.

Does anyone know where they can be purchased online?

Toronto ON Canada

You can order them from California. … elmet.html

regards, Minkair.

Thanks Minkair. I tried the link, but the product does not look like it available. I have emailed the vendor to inquire.

Ray Barrick
Toronto ON

You’re right - it looks like they’ve been pulled in N.America.
Here’s a link to a user review by the Guardian (UK) newspaper. … ike-helmet



…available Dec 2010…

…maybe this will be of interest to our European friends: … cts_id=229

Best regards

Yes, it is not invented but bought by Dahon.

Actually, it has been on the market earier than Pango/Beetle but their website seems not working anymore.

I managed to buy one from a bike shop in Taiwan ( through eBay.

I just took delivery last week and its the real McCoy with the Dahon branding.

Thing is, the helmet was too small for my head :frowning: and the guy doesnt accept returns.

If anybody is interested in a white Pango that will fit head sizes 55-61 cm, let me know.


Hi Joel,

Do you still want to sell the small Pango helmet? If so drop me an email

Cheers, Ted

Foldable Bicycle Helmet Concept

found on:–Bike–Gear.html

I also found it here. :wink: