Folding 16" tyre?

Today my rear tyre died with a loud blow - I guess one day ride with low pressure (when I forgot to check it) was enough for it to deteriorate:

So I am thinking of 16" tyre with kevlar bead, which could be easily shoved into the backpack. What are the options?

I found only schwalbe kojak so far, but it has ETRTO size 32-349, not 40-305 =(

You might switch to 18" wheels with Schwalbe Kojak 32-355.

I believe that there is no 16" foldable tyre available. :frowning:

The 16" Schwalbe Marathons aren’t foldable?

According to Schwalbe’s website is the Marathon Racer size 40-305 (16 x 1,50) available as wire (Draht) version only :cry: