Folche Folding Chair Bike

Folche Bike is a new type of bicycle with an extra function as a chair after transferring to other public transportation. This idea solves the inconvenient problem of carrying the bike into the subway and lets the rider sit and rest on the bike during the subway trip. : Designed by Dae yeol Lee & Seung hyun Lee

concept explanation

description of folche bike

designer’s own words:

Recently, bicycle has aroused as an alternative transportation to improve the environment problems, traffic jam, deterioration of the quality of life. And the value of a bicycle has been changed from simple transportation to the means of expressing one’s personality. To keep pace with this stream, Seoul city has started to make policy and increase the basis facilities to make an advanced bicycle city. Especially, Seoul tries to expand facilities connecting the bicycle with public transportation to encourage vitalization of bicycle such as uphill and exclusive space in subway. But, it has not solved the problem which is to hold a bicycle and so the user can’t sit. Folche Bike is the new bicycle perceiving these problem and offering the convenience to users