Floor Pump Recommendation for 18" Wheel

After years of injuring my knuckles while trying to inflate the tires on the 18" wheels, I need to find a more suitable floor pump. I’ve been using a Lezyne, which requires me to screw on the chuck. The 18" wheels have so many spokes that there’s little room for my big hands to attach it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a floor pump that might not be so tough to deal with? Ideally, it would have an integrated pressure gauge, and have a chuck that can be attached, secured, and removed while the bike is folded (meaning will fit in the gap created by the valve stem and the disc). Any recommendations would be appreciated.


I use a Giyo GF-55PT. Here is just enough space between the spokes for the head. It is possible to use it with the folded bike, but easier with the unfolded.

Good topic, I’d also be interested in recommendations. Tom, that pump you mention doesn’t seem to be available in Europe, did you buy it in Germany?

BBS AirBoost BFP-21

Cheap, therefore not extraordinary quality, but it does very well so far.

BBS DualHead pump head, thumblock lever engaged:

Lock lever in resting position:

I am using Topeak JoeBlow Sprint. :wink:

I like the easy to read top mounted gauge. :sunglasses:

Thanks for recommendations! The biggest challenge I have is using it with the bike folded. My apartment is so small that I can’t unfold the bike without taking it outside, so being able to inflate the tires with the bike folded is really important.

  • Will the JoeBlow work with the bike folded?
  • From the photos, it looks like the AirBoost won’t unfortunately (great photos BTW! Thanks!)

I’m considering switching to Presta valves so that I can use a Press-On-Chuck.

Oh, I see…
Yes, you’re right, not recommended for folded use!

I didn’t try this myself but I guess the TwinHead comes with JoeBlow Sprint can work with the bike folded. :unamused:

I am using “Hirame pump head” with a standard floor pump.

There are 2 kinds of such pump head, one’s lever opens to top, the other’s lever opens to side.
I am using one with side lever, without any issue while my Strida is being folded as follows:

Thanks Genuine_S!

The two versions:


Alexscycle does offer also 4 types of adapters:

  • Presta/French (silver)
  • Schrader/USA (gold)
  • Woods/English (black)
  • KEIRIN (green)


Looks like finest quality!

Thanks Genuine_S and Blackstridaaustria,

That’s just what I need! I’ll try and order that pump head with a Schrader adapter, and add it to my pump. Though ¥6000 ($80) may be pricey enough that I might be better off just switching to Presta valves and a press-on chuck.

Thanks again!

I ordered the Hirame pump head with the Schrader adapter. I’ll post my experience after it’s arrived and I’ve added it to my Lezyne floor pump. Thanks again for the advice!

So did I, thanks to Genuine_S, I’ve never seen this head before…

Nice to see that international cooperation DOES work (sometimes) :smiley:

My pump head arrived finally, but I can’t use it. Alex’s Cycle didn’t include the hose clamp and wants me to pay them $20 (and wait another month) to send me a replacement. Not a very good vendor - I’d recommend avoiding them.

Dear Conrad,

you’re right, it is definitely not OK to write “+hose band” and then not to deliver it.

But I think you can buy these hose bands at your local building supplies store,
for less than 20 $!

Btw, did you try it without the hose band?



Actually, no slipping of the hose while inflating up to 8,0 bar without hose clamp/band.
(The BBS hose is relatively stiff.)

I found a hose band just as you suggested for just a few dollars. I’ll see how well it works this weekend.

I’ve finally gotten the Hirame pump head installed and working. I’m still using the Schrader valves, and the Hirame is fitted with the Schrader insert.

However, a tremendous amount of air escapes when I release the pump head. The pump reads 100psi, but after I’ve taken the pump head off, my pressure gauge reads about 80. There is a very loud rush of air (much more than on any other pump head I’ve every used) so it might well be accurate. Tires also feel much softer than when the pump head is attached.

This may be a difference in calibration between the two gauges, but I can not seem to remove the head fast enough. It might be because I can not turn the release lever to fully-open, but the density of the spokes makes that impossible.

I’ve worked in bike shops and inflated thousands of tires, but so I know how to attach and remove a pump head, but I’ve never had this much trouble. I am yanking the pump head off as fast as I can, but I’m still looking a lot of air.

Does anyone have any advice?

Or is it as simple as this: a Strida with 18" wheels can not be inflated without unfolding the bike.

Hi Conrad,

please watch (and listen to!) these videos, showing the release of the hirame head under pressure of ~ 120 psi / 8 bar.

hirame off schrader 2,4 Mb

hirame off sclaverand 2,5 Mb

There is nothing abnormal, I mean?
There must be something odd with your pump head, might it be that the adapter rings are mounted the wrong way?
The ring nut which is holding the adapter must not be tightened hard, it has to be adjusted by trial and error.
Inside of the hirame pump head there is an additional valve, could this be damaged?

Schrader adapter:

Sclaverand adapter:

Release lever fully opened:

Release lever closed:

Using the BBS head it is not possible, because the release lever cannot be used properly:
(Brake rotors at the outside of the bike.)

As always, here are above pics in 1024 x 768.

Wow - just amazing! Thank you so much Blackstridaaustria!

Those photos, and especially those videos, are extraordinary! (love the drop cloth!)

I’ve double-checked that I assembled the pump head correctly, and that looks correct. However, it appears that I was pressing the head on to the valve too far. Looking at your video, it doesn’t appear as if you put the pump head down as far on to the valve stem as I had been. I just tried it again, and this time, I didn’t press the pump head on as forcefully, and it worked much better!

Many, many thanks!

pfiat di Gott!