First impressions of my new Fake Strida

When I bought the bike I was under the impession that it was a real Strida because the add said so.
I decided to take my new (unfortunately fake) Strida for a cycle yesterday. I got used to the riding position quite quickly. I walked on the uphill bits because I was afraid of the bike collapsing underneath me if I put to much pressure on the frame and pedals. I had read a lot of reports about the weaknes of the chinese SLO’s. I’m 6’1" and 16 stone. I did notice that the rear wheel did bend slightly under my weight but sprung back when I got off.
It could do with a few more gears. There is also an annoying constant rubbing of the front brake caliper agains the disc. Trivial I know but once you hear it you can’t stop hearing it. I’m still getting used to folding and unfolding in under 10 seconds as shown by many youtube vids. Most of the time I just fold the handle bars and pedals and leave it in the hall. Unfortunitely it’s raining today so no cycling.
If the bike works out well then down the line I will buy a genuine one.

Hi Harty,

many thanks for your report,

and it’s good to hear that :smiley:

I took the bike for a long ride today. No problems still. No knee banging on handle bars as frequently mentioned on the forum. A bit of flexing on the crank but this is down to the twisting of the bottom brace bar. A bit of clicking on uphill sections when I press down on the left pedal but I think this may only be the pedal clicking. Other than that the bike is grand.
I would feel more confident if I wasn’t 16 stone. Hopefully with a bit more cycling this will go.

What are your impressions now after almost a year?:slight_smile: