Finally got my mitts on my new Strida 5

Hi Stridanuts

Ordered my Strida 5 from Strida NL in Amsterdam, but then got an e-mail to say that I needed permission from Strida UK, they refused so got in touch with their MD who said it was because they had no intention of selling it until their stock of Strida 3s was sold & that I couldn’t buy one from NL because they (UK)could not service it or carry spares. I’m in Amsterdam more often than Cardiff!!!
Then I realised that Sean, one of my colleagues had moved to Leiden, near Amsterdam with his girlfriend.
So I got him to bring me one back last weekend, finally got my sticky mitts on it yesterday, took it out in London, much better than my Strida 3 because :-
The freewheel is now on the back wheel so the bike coasts much further because of the reduction in drag,
The belt doesn’t jump on hills because of the little pinch roller.
The disk brakes are excellent
The bottom bracket is solid aluminium with a built in snail cam to tension the belt

On the negative side, it is not the latest incarnation, as it does not have the webbed bracket on the folding pin, or the wavy disks, nor does it have the Strida name embossed on the steering head.

Went in search of a Brookes sprung saddle, but the shop in Kensington had closed down, been up to my eyes with work so no more chances to ride it yet.

I’ll be in London on Tuesday, Weds, Thurs And Friday a.m. if anyone fancies a dwink & a try out.

Safe riding Chop!

Hey Chop.

Love the website! how are you finding the strida 5? whats your verdict over the strida 3!

I’m in the process of buying one… just wondering whether its worth getting one secretly shipped in?

Let me know!