wow. here’s a site that lists just a few of the fake makers.

ecplaza.net/search/0s1nf20se … ycles.html

if you google chinese bicycle manufacturers strida you will get a lot of global companies that list the manufacturers in china.

they even use the names Strida and A-Bike.

some of them give you required quantities and price. one i saw recently was US$85 with a minimum of 100. 100 fakes for the price of one original. one must question the quality.

i’m curious as to what countries allow this kind of copyright infringement.

diytrade.com/china/4/product … ooter.html

well, obviously that’s 10 not 100.

Yeh, there has been a lot of discussion about the merits of Low cost Fakes and higher cost Genuine Strida’s. I fear poor fakes are bad and dangerous, as the makers just want to make a ‘fast buck’ and dont care about the product, tests etc. - they will be making fake baby milk etc. next week ( :smiley: funny - in a sick sort of way). I’ve got a real Strida, and some on here have reported they have found ‘good fakes’ at lower cost which is great, as it gets more people ‘riding the triangle’. Simply: buyer be aware.