fake v new evo 3 speed

hello everyone, I have a fake strida but im considering buying a new evo 3 speed 18" wheels , will I notice much difference in the ride / handling , will it be a better ride all round I also want to add an electric drive but there isn’t much here in uk for strida , any input advice welcomed

I have never ridden a fake Strida, I am assuming it has 16 inch wheels. From my experience riding a single speed Strida Lt and a 3 speed Strida EVO there is very a big difference. The difference from 16 inch to 18 inch wheels is noticeable with the larger wheels giving a better softer ride with more speed. Add a lower gear for climbing and a high gear for more speed and the Strida EVO with 18 inch wheels is a capable bike. On a long ride 30 plus km I can comfortable average 20 kph and if I push it then 24 kph. This recent review by a rider accustomed to a single speed with 16 wheels trying an EVO with 16 inch for the first time might help you.

He doesn’t quite have the gear ratio right as the middle gear is closer to his single speed. This page in my web site might help with the gear ratios, http://stridacanada.ca/?page_id=1935

The weight of the EVO is more than the single speed but for me that isn’t a notice difference when riding. As to an electric drive others on this forum might have some info.

Cheers Bill Wilby http://www.stridacanada.ca

thank you for your reply , the fake strida I have has 14" wheels its quite awkward to ride , I will read the link you sent , thank you