Fake Stridas impounded and destroyed on TV


Ming should have steamrolled them like Rolex does to piles of confiscated fake Rolexes. Whatever they do I hope the aftermath gets recycled instead of junked.

I’m confused, in the title it says @ MIng’s factory. But Ming is the manufacturer of the real Strida!

The subject of the youtube channel in English is quite misleading. The video clip is a news report from TVBS channel in Taiwan.

The story is:-

There was a TV home shopping channel in Taiwan selling fake Stridas openly in their programme. Then, Ming complained to the authorities about this.

The fake Stridas were actually impounded and destoryed by Taiwan Customs, not by Ming Cycle, I think. (Although I’m a Chinese user, we speak Cantonese in Hong Kong and people in Taiwan speak Mandarin and Minnan. However, we can still understand each other in written language.)

I’ve just realised that the fake Stridas were impounded by Taiwan customs but destoryed by Ming at their factory.


translate.google.com/translate?p … h-CN&tl=en

translate.google.com/translate?p … h-CN&tl=en

translate.google.com/translate?p … h-CN&tl=en

translate.google.com/translate?p … h-CN&tl=en … YdWuCKefiA

Click on the image to read the pdf file

Click on the image to read the pdf file

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Hmm interesting thread, thanks Amuro.

BTW, are there also so many complaints about the pricing of, say, Bromptons or Birdys? Here in Germany, the base models of those folders cost at least twice as much as the Strida. And yet, I don’t think they are “twice the bike”.

I should also add that whenever a fellow commuter has asked me about the price of the Strida on the train, or at the station, they have always been favourably impressed. And these are normal Joe-blow commuters, not “fashionistas”.

Fake Stridas destroyed on TV again in Taiwan today:

At least they’re trying to keep these chinese fakes out of the market in their own country. Just won’t happen in china though that’s a free for all. oh yeah didn’t someone post one of their bottom post splitting open? was a pretty nasty break, hopefully that guy wasn’t riding at speed. Think it was a clone but not sure.