Fake Strida - Buyer beware

Hi all,
I did some research before buying my strida and came across this online store in China that selling fake Strida.
dhgate.com/product/strida-fo … aQod60kAKg

I read a post long time ago that somebody actually bought from this website and received a fake Strida.
Please stay away from it.

There are so many fakes. I am a regular user of AMAZON.

I saw this today - based on picture looks exactly LIKE a Strida.

amazon.com/Happybuy-Folding … ds&sr=1-11


Interesting link, if someone has purchased one of these Fake Strida bikes I would like to see a photo. The photos used for the description are from several different bikes, some appear to be the older non reinforced Strida frame and some of the new. I think most of the photos are actually Strida bikes except for a group shot that has non Strida like wheels.

Buyer Beware!