Extended Mudflap

Hi, being a business man who is starting to use a Strida to get down the hill to work, I don’t want mud on my suit of course.

My friend who I am borrowing the bike off to test, said he had come up with a solution, and he cleverly added a little rubber extension wing on the back mudflap just about 2 inches more, it doesn’t affect anything on the bike and looks very good.

This extra 2"s stops that little bit of mud splatter that comes up and hits the back of the seat, often ruining a good suit jacket.

Great little bike, I just love how it feels you are going 100mph even though you are going about 10, makes any journey seem shorter.

There’re mud guard extensions available on http://www.strida.co.uk.
shop.strida.co.uk/mudguard-exten … egory=-108

As someone who is now on my second Strida mudguard extension (the postage costs more than the item itself!) I was interested to read somewhere of simply cutting out a section of old inner-tube and sliding that over the rear mudguard.

a cheaper way is to buy a microwave dinner, eat the food, then wash out the little tray.
then cut out whatever shape/size of mudguard you want, tape it with a little black tape to the end of your existing mudguard and there you go - cheap extension (plus some food, woohoo!)

a tray like this works best (the remains are recyclable)

Come on folks, you can surely come up with your own inexpensive mudflap extension! There are two examples already mentioned. I’m interested in more substantial things like those that have added gearing to your Strida. BTW, I’m already aware of the post of the Strida 3 fitted with a Miyata FM-5. Anyone tried a Schlumph yet?