experience with strida mini?

Hi, I currently own a strida 3 with great satisfaction. Now I really want a new one, and contemplating buying the strida mini. I am under 5’2 (1.57), riding my current strida is fine, but I do have to reach pretty far for the ground unless I wear my high heals. Moreover, I really like the pink (not very rational, but still a good reason for buying a bike in my book).

Unfortunately, there is currently no shop near me that holds the mini so I could try, and I did not find any userreports on the web either. Hence my question: Does anybody own the strida mini, or has anyone around my size ever tried it? I would really like to hear your experiences. Does it really go less fast than the normal strida? Could you fit bigger wheels on it?


By the way, I am 155 cm tall, and found strida’s 3 height is just right for me. The only problem that I have is since I have to put the seat at the lowest possible adjustment, the rear rack touches the rear mudguard. If I put books on it, it will press down the mudguard to the rear tyre.I am thinking of something like raising the rack or totally replace it with other kind of rack, preferably metal. It will add the weight, but I can put heavier stuff. I do like brompton’s design of messager bag and the clip-on system at the front of the bike.