EVO or SX for general aviation pilot

Hi All,

I am interested in buying my first Strida. I did my research and read a lot of reviews, comparisons and forum threads. But I still not sure which model to choose.

I am short guy (170 cm / 5 feet 7 inches).

I need stride for two purposes:

  • as 2-3 km daily commuter
  • as alternative for walking 2-3km when getting on/off airports

When using it as addition to Cessna 172 :wink: there is some issues:

  • Strida is too long for Cessna’s baggage compartment, but inside cabin is plenty of space behind first row of seats (so it is ok)

  • Surface of aprons and especially technical/side roads is often in bad condition (so is suppose, that 18” wheels are smarter choice)

So i have limited my options to Strida SX and Strida EVO.

Which one do you recommend? Do additional gears worth of its price?

Thank you in advance for help.

Best regards!

Hi Kelcon, the pilots that I have spoken with are also concerned with weight. This may also be a reason for you to consider a single speed Strida. If you are not concerned about the extra weight then I would consider the EVO if, I wanted the extra speed, or I needed a lower gear for hills. For the road conditions you describe then you may consider a 16 inch wheel so that you can use a wider tire. The Schwalbe Big Apple is a wider softer tire that some of my customers like for rough roads. I have them but I have not tested them yet for myself. These tires will only mount on the metal spoke 16 inch Strida wheels so they will not mount on the Strida LT plastic wheels. If the extra weight of the EVO is not an issue then I think you may consider a EVO with 16 inch wheels and wider tires. There is also one other issue with the Big Apple tires on a Strida and that is the distance between the wheels when in the folded position and the wider tires. For the wheels to lock together correctly there needs to spacers installed behind the front wheel magnet and the rear wheel magnet keeper, I plan on having a kit available that will do this.

I hope this helps, Bill

Hello kelcon,

at Stridaforum!

Nice to have an aviator on board :smiley:

Well…hope you’ve ridden a Strida already?
Several people mentioned it’s too twitchy for them…just sayin’…

You told us about condition and distance of your commute - and what about steepness, do you have to expect occasional (heavy) wind?
Generally I’d say it’s better to have more gears - the disadvantage is more weight of ~ 2 kgs…

Regarding 18 or 16 inch please consider:

  • 16 inch wheels are not suitable for (really) heavy persons
    (Simply because 36 spokes are stronger than just 24, 18 inch hubs are wider, too)
    I think 18 inch are anyway the better choice, but did you know that:
  • tyre choice for 18" is very limited
    (At the moment are just two matching tyres sizes at the market, one of them is a high pressure slick :smiling_imp: )
  • tyre choice for 16" is much bigger
    (But there are modifications of the magnet lock required above a certain tyre width.)
    And that’s for my meaning the dilemma; best choice for (very) bad roads are (very) wide 16" tyres…wide 18" tyres don’t fit the Strida frame/rims…

May I ask where’s your home airport?

Kind regards,


Hi Bill,

sunken in writing and didn’t notice that you already replied :laughing:

Actually I do understand that, but as I’m an extremely lazy bloke I had to combine high pressure and BMX softness :blush: HOOKWORM! :smiling_imp:



Thank you very much for a warm welcome :slight_smile:

Answerint to questions:

  • In my daily routine fortunately there are no hills.
  • I fly from EPBC (Warsaw, Babice) airport. Great to meet another pilot at this forum :slight_smile:
  • In my case bike’s weight is not a issue. I often fly on four-seater solo or with only one passenger. So there is plenty of power even with full tanks of fuel
  • My weight changes over time, but is is range of 85-90 kg (187-198 lbs); I hope that weight is suitable for 16"

So: if I understand correctly, your recommendation is Evo with 16" tires for flexibility in tires selection? (especially with wider tires)

Best regards!

Hi kelcon,

you’re right, just a little misunderstanding regarding pilots;
you are the only one as far I know :smiley: