EVO 3 - Taking off the Belt Snubber easily?

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help answer this?

So after another crunching another 3000 km since my last post I think I am wearing the freewheel out and I have a belt tension issue. (I’ll fix that at the LBS!)

My question is though - due to the tension issue or freewheel wear (?) - my belt slipped out 2 km from home which was indeed lucky as I was on route for my 70KM cycle run on the Strida EVO. This is the 2nd time it has occurred in m Strida ownership (of 2 years / 13,000KM) and I hate to think I be stranded at night in some quiet road where I can’t hail a taxi (I ride in areas with no street addresses…).

Anyway the belt slipped out and I can;'t get it back in. It’s come off and past the crevice / gap between the snubber wheel and freewheel. Please see pics attached.

See how the ROUND BEARING SNUBBER wont clear the gaps in the disc break.

My question is - is there an “EASY” for me to take the Snubber off and fix the belt back on - and then ride home? I just don’t like the idea of 40KM+ away from home when it happens.

I can’t unscrew the Snubber out as the bearing hits the disc brakes…(it’s just too big to fit thru the gap of the disc break) so that I can then slip kelvar belt back onto free wheel and then screen back the Snubber on … ie. as I can’t take Snubber off …meaning i need to take everything apart to put the belt back on or am I missing something?

Hi Willie,

don’t worry, it is not that complicated as you may think :smiley:

To get the belt into its normal position you should first release belt tension to minimum.
It is not necessary to pull the bearing through the brake rotor - just the bolt.
Plz take care of the little washer between bearing and frame :wink:

Thanks Chris !

I felt so “dumb” as I done this before > 1 year ago when it first happened and time I was rattling my brain.

The reason is — the bearing is STUCK to the bolt. That is why I can’t get it out. I am thinking did I drip some loctite on it by accident the last time I did this?? Or somehow the bolt is fused tight to the bearing - it wont come off at all hence the bolt can’t slide through the brake disc (as in your pic) as the bearing is fused tight.

Tried using a mallet to separate the bolt - NOPE it’s totally fused. I no idea how that happened… surely not loctite! :blush:

Thankyou once again!

I have it at the nearby Strida LBS.

It can happen that (too much) Loctite at the thread crawls between inner bearing ring and bolt - I’d say that was simply bad luck :neutral_face:

You’re right of course - in that special case one has to take off the whole wheel.