Evo 3 beltwheel spins instead of freewheel

When I stop pedaling and coast, I’ve noticed that I wasn’t hearing the familiar freewheel buzz, but instead clicking - coming from the beltwheel, which was still spinning, presumably doing something odd to the gearbox. Any idea what’s going on? I’m sharing a video clip I shot to illustrate the issue: photos.app.goo.gl/oLWUQc4teAHMhggT7

I’m not 100% sure, but I’d suspect the freewheel first in this case.

I believe the movement of your pretty aluminium beltwheel is principially normal and you are able to notice only because the freewheel has too much drag.

On your place, I’d try first to exchange the freewheel and look what happens.
If that doesn’t solve the issue it must be the EVO drive.


  • may I have a closeup image of your freewheel?
  • about how many kilometres did you ride/how old ist the bike?
  • did you ever repack the EVO drive with new grease?

• These are the best shots I can get of the freewheel:
• The bike and freewheel are about 4.5 years/9000 km, the drive is about 3 years/6000 km
•I have not tried repacking the drive grease - I haven’t even opened the case!

I was considering that it might be a freewheel problem!

Thank you!
On top of each single freewheel tooth are in new condition two edges, these edges are ~ 1,6 mm away from each other. On your first image one can see that these edges are much closer together, maybe 0,6 mm or anything like that. Also, at the right side of each tooth, one can see a tiny part which is pointing upwards, that is the leftover of the initial tooth profile and the rest of material was worn away by abrasive particles, picked up by the belt.
Well, I’d say try and see :wink: