Electric Strida

We have realized the engine of a bike type STRIDA



Welcome dorocram,

well, these are very interesting news :open_mouth:

…and the kit is obviously from Europe?

Please where can more details be found :question:

I almost quit the profession and do so for pleasure with a friend I gave rein to imagination and volgia to do something related to a wonderful world … the bike.
I’ve always been a lover of motorcycles and scooters also, my first moped were the Mosquito is that the Solex, so I decided to redo something similar but as electricity.
The first was a bike man rods on which we mounted a roller motor 250W.
Then it was the turn of a bike woman always sticks on which we have a front-mounted engine with a roller 250W and below the saddle we put the battery pack.
Very recent transformation of a folding type “Strida” on which we mounted a small electric motor and 150W under the saddle battery pack.
All control and pedaling by law.

Now hopefully we can get some profit from their work.

More pictures you can see them better on the site kit-bike.it

Thanks for your fast reply!

So, your kits are ready for the market?

For those who are in doubt:

The above IS a SLO!

Even with a, maybe, authentic quick release seat molding does a Strida-like-Object not become genuine :laughing:

Btw, very nice bag - a “Touxy” from Korea, right? - do you import them to Europe?

soon update the site with prices

Very interested :slight_smile:

A Chinese supplier is making SLOs with front wheel motor:

Not sure if the front wheel is available separately.