E Strida - the genuine electric one by Ming

Announced already last year, introduced Ming cycle this year the new E Strida!

Previously mentioned was to use the KS3 EVO drives; in fact were the bikes supplied either with single or dual speed drives.
(Who said the Strida speed drive is dead? - Long live the speed drive! )

Base of the electric system is the well-known Sunstar S03 engine;

and a standard control unit.

The battery seems a bit small (guess Ming tried to save weight here),
there’s a new carrier bracket at the seat tube and the carrier was reinforced.

According to Strida Germany works the drive very well and powerful;
but neither them nor Ming let us ride the “prototypes”.

There are several new covers next to the bottom bracket area, therefore it’s hard to tell whether the e-drive can be fully disengaged or not.
(To ride without additional friction when the battery is empty.)

More modifications can be found at the insides of bottom and seat tube; a big cable hole and a Phillips bolt for a cover (most likely hiding more cables) - therefore the obvious question for “retrofit-ability” of the new e-drive has to be answered unalterable with a No.

Of course I’d love to supply more reliable specs - they will be edited once available…maybe March '17…roughly…

Note to myself: Disassembling and analyzing required asap :laughing:

if it uses regenerative braking/pedalling, maybe it does not need a big battery: a (folding) bike I kickstarted uses this


and it uses a relatively small battery (maybe too small)

Hi BlackStridaAustria,

Very interesting post :slight_smile:
Did you know that the french dealer sold for a short time an electric strida which is not this one ?
It is not an integrated motor, but something quite as an addon kit.

Now it no more available, but there is some remaining info :

it was precisely this model : https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiQhPfixvnQAhXB2RoKHUn4ATkQtwIIMDAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D_Y3D3NJFuMw&usg=AFQjCNH7WnPfRRsIpO__ivrxP-brGl87Xg

I wonder why it has been published for sale, and then quickly removed.

Hello sunkist-evo3,

thank you - and no, I did not know that they offered this, too.

Also I don’t know exactly why it disppeared, therefore just speculations:

  • Maybe it didn’t match to some local restrictions/laws?
  • Perhaps somebody mentioned serious security concerns?
  • (Less plausible) Somebody (of great influence) read the Hiddenpower post here at the forum… :unamused:

when it will be available on the market?


Most likely never - at least not in the configuration above :neutral_face:

Ming Cycles have been dabbling with electric for quite some time People always ask us when are we getting E Stride yet ming has not come up with a final solution. WT

Big bummer that an e-Strida remains unavailable.

I’ve been using my human powers Stridas for years now. Perfect for my commute and business downtown. But age and a tricky hamstring are catching up to me. I’ve been hoping that there would be a response to the e-Bromptons out there.

About three weeks ago - early September 2019 - in Germany at the booth of Ming cyle…

Me: “Hi dear Lady - do you have the electric Strida ready this year?”

Ming girlie: “Yes, ready, you can see at our webpage!”

  • and presents a card with a QR code - “just scan with your phone.”
    My son does - we see their page, but no electric Strida!

:question: :question: :question:

Ming girlie: “Minute please…” and disappears…
…returns seconds later and says:
“Sorry, the electric one is NOT ready, pardon me.”

“Ok; thanks and bye.”


On a different e-bike project I noticed the following at Grin Technologies …

ebikes.ca/product-info/all- … l#features

… which supports disk brakes and single sided applications.

The flange diameter is 214 mm which is a tight fit for a lot of ERTO 305 rims. Perhaps it would be worth converting to the ERTO 349/355 just to get a little more space.

Here’s another one; asked them a while ago for more images but they didn’t have any.


I saw the one motor solution. Generally looks reasonable and I recall someone on the Bike Friday forum happy with the results.

As for its application to the Strida, I get the sense that it’s sensitive to tire size. The bend in the horizontal bar limits where the motor can be mounted. Consequently, one motor has a different mount if you have a 16" or 18" wheel.

Surely you’re right with the tyre size.
Would have been better to create an adjustable solution because several Strida users switch tyre sizes for personal reasons.

Generally I’d appreciate a change to 349er rims for 18" Strida wheels.
I do know that the correct specification for this 349er wheel size is actually 16" according to ETRTO.
But in fact there is just 6 mm difference at the inner circumference of the tyre compared to 18" 355er size.

Naturally, I noticed this because I have Kenda Kwests on my Strida which is noticeably “shorter” than the stock tires.

A big plus to 349 is that the nicest “performance” sub 20" tire is the Greenspeed Scorcher. Roughly 40 mm wide and ERTO 349. YMMV.

Had the Scorcher on my blue Strida for a short time - really great tyre.
But unfortunately it doesn’t really match to the choosed rims and I had a very hard time to get the Scorchers off the rims (when I wanted to check Schwalbe Marathons 16 x 1,35 ETRTO 35 - 349).

Since I’m already talking with Grin …

They are aware of the STRIDA and that their single sided hub could be applicable. He mentioned making it narrower. Anyway, if you made it to this thread and are looking for an e-bike STRIDA, I would drop them a line to see if they have something workable.

don’t forget about me, I am a days drive away from Vancouver and may be able to help. And I will be in Vancouver next month with several Strida bikes!

Cheers, Bill

I actually thought about Strida West. (I bought a replacement freewheel a while back). I’ve been talking with Ben at Grin and he suggests that they might have something workable in 355 this winter. Seems that you might want to drop them a line.

… or are you suggesting that Strida West might sell Strida e-bike kids? That would be sweet.

Yes Mark if there was a Strida E-bike I would want to be selling it, if it was well designed and enhanced the Strida experience. The lack of a Strida E-bike is one of the reasons that I have imported a Vello + from Vienna. If Grin are able to produce a similar drive wheel as the ZEHUS that would fit a Strida then it would be a very fine E-Bike.
vellobike.com/product-page/ … hain-drive