Dynamo lighting system on a Strida

A Taiwanese Stridanaut makes it possible to use dynamo lighting system on a Strida! :sunglasses:

You can open all the pictures at once by clicking the “載入圖片” button at the right top corner of the post. :wink:

Once again, many thanks to Amuro :smiley:

for an interesting solution which is using common parts.

The central part is actually a bottle cage holder, I mean…
…functionally identical to, for example, this one:

made by Minoura :wink:

The bottle cage mount is made by Topeak actually. :wink:

Aaah, Topeak, thanks Amuro!
I knew I’ve seen the sign before.

Found recently another dynamo solution;
due to language issues no more info, sorry…
(Seems that the forum software doesn’t accept this kind of typing.)

Surely can dynamos also be used (via 5 Volt regulator) to charge any USB device :wink: