Dynamo Hub for front wheel

I would like to know if some people tried to put a dynamo hub on the front wheel ?
I already found a one sided hub practicalcycles.com/products/326 … brake.aspx
But it is not disc brake. So It might be difficult to find. Maybe need to be custom made.
I did some research before to ensure nobody ask this question already but I might have missed it.
My goal would be to have front and rear light using dynamo hub and the holes in the frame guiding the cables for the disc brake system. So a clean install.

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I personally do not remember a modification like above mentioned.
Most likely will the dynamo hub be too wide and you’d need at least a custom made axle.
Strida hubs, especially the front ones, are unusual narrow;

  • the dynamo hub will be to wide I’m afraid of.
    Moreover that will be some kind of adapter required for the connecting of the brake mount.

Here’s another method, clean install is feasible, but it seems that there are no custom parts necessary:
Dynamo lighting system on a Strida

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Wow thanks for the reply, very detailed, I love that.
The solution you showed me is nice because easy to install, and not to costly.
But I will study If a custom hub would be possible, as I used in the past both dynamo hub and dynamo on the tire, and I am much more happy with dynamo hub in wet condition, dirty conditions, and the overall sturdy design.
But I think i will end up with a custom made hub, changing the rim, So i need to see, Maybe even custom is not possible as you mention the strida hub is quite special indeed…

No reason for thanks, for details I might be the right person to talk to :wink:

Uh, oh…well…regarding wet and dirty conditions - you should avoid these, your Strida doesn’t really like them!

Please consider also the loss of the magnetic wheel catch function.

And furthermore, regarding custom hub:
Do you have any idea of the costs of a custom hub?
Expect several hundred Euros per piece if it’s professional made.

To find good rims will be the next challenge, obviously are nowadays very less people willing to lace a HQ 16" wheel - and according to zero demand there are less offers.
Here’s an example:
That’s a 305er 36H hollow section rim which is equipped with rivets - the best choice for my money…so, and here’s the challenge:
Try to find an alternative supplier in Europe!
Even with the correct name of the rim Alex DM24 305/36H you won’t find one I guess…

This forum gathered people who knows about technics, I thought just Strida entousiasts…
I am living in China, so getting parts is not very hard, also considering that Taiwan is not very far were Strida are made, and also a lot of bicycles.
For the cost of the HUB I am not sure. But I can design it (I am a product designer), and ask a prototype factory to make it (maybe around 200-250 euros, I have no precise idea actually, but this part is not easy to make). I am not sure also which kind of aluminum is used for hubs.
The magnetic clip I skipped this problem. Sounds like this dynamo hub is a big challenge by itself.
So far Strida has been good in wet and dry actually. The drive belt is perfect in the city whatever weather comes in.
So I think I will buy front and rear light, buy a dynamo as the example you showed me, and see if in the future I can make the hub. But i am afraid the lengh of the hub will be a problem.
16" wheels I don’t know, I never asked actually, also having the plastic one right now (which obviously will need to be changed if I change de hub). 16 is harder to make because of more tension ? Or just harder because niche market ?

Thanks for the forum praise :smiley:

Of course I didn’t expect that you’re living in China, the closeness to Taiwan and Korea will make things much easier and cheaper for you naturally.

At least keep an eye at the surface of your freewheel; rain in combination with street dirt will act like a grinder and the teeth will get smaller (the more riding in rain - the sooner). The result is lower belt tension, belt skipping may occur. Under bad conditions it is no problem to wear out a freewheel completely within 1500 kms.

I think it is a price/niche market thing.
From Europe you can order a complete 16" standard wheel for maybe 25US$ (plus transport and customs), the local price for an original Strida wheel will be around 50 Euros.
And just a few people are in need of a special small wheel - which would cost about three or four times as much in the end…
At the end of this post you can find an cost estimation for DIY wheel sets (using standard parts), already over five years old are the amounts still matching.

Btw - I do know just one company which is making Strida custom wheels professionally -
maybe you could talk to them (Korean) about your project?

This shows the dimensions of the axles (upper = front); you may need it for designing a hub.